About Jenna

When I was little, I used to go through photo albums, taking in the captured moments. Years later, my parents got married. I couldn’t help myself from being inspired and in awe of their wedding photographer, watching what he did and how he took his time to capture beautiful images of their special day. That was it. My passion for photography was ignited! I knew from then on, I wanted to pursue a career behind the lens.

I grew up in Chilliwack, B.C. for 12 years and then moved to Victoria, B.C. I graduated high school in 2004 and made my way back to Chilliwack. In 2005, I found myself seeking adventure, and made my way to Jasper, A.B. to explore the Rockies and take pictures of the beautiful national park. It was the time of my life! Now, I’ve settled down here in Prince George to build up my photography business and show everyone what I can do!

I’ve taken many pictures over the years for family, friends, and customers, from portraits and landscapes to still life and abstracts. The images I capture with my professional-grade Canon digital camera & lenses are fresh, vibrant, and capture the essence of my subjects. I promise sharp, colourful, and archival quality.

I am thrilled to share my passion with you! Whatever moment you are looking to capture, I would be thrilled to discuss your vision and how I can capture your moments in time.


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